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Reviewed 5/5/2021
by Bill B
Cycling Enthusiast
Overall Rating
Must Have Safety Component!

This product has made my rides a lot less stressful. I love getting a warning that a car is approaching before I can hear it. When I'm flying down a hill it's comforting to glance down at my Wahoo Element Roam, and see a nice green line, letting me know that the road is all mine. I would have bought one sooner had I soon it was compatible with my Wahoo device. I was proud to say goodbye to the little mirror on my sunglasses. This is much better, and I like a little cooler!!

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Reviewed 5/4/2021
by Jpspyro
Cycling Enthusiast
Seattle, WA
Overall Rating
Does the job with HUGE connectivity issues

I like the Edge 530, it's easy to use and mostly does what it's supposed to do... minus connectivity issues. This thing has Bluetooth, BLE (low-energy), Ant+, & Wifi. I think this is where the issues stem from, to many connection options.

I have been using the bundle (heart rate, cadence & speed sensors) for just about 2 months and I have problems with connectivity about 50% of the time I set out on a ride; mostly the heart rate monitor just staying static vs. reading an actual heart rate. I have improved this slightly with wetting the sensor pads on the strap. Yay, sort of.

During the 1st few weeks of riding after initial setup with sensors in Ant+ mode, I had all the sensors just randomly drop connection and I added them as new on-the-fly during my ride. Weird thing is they were added as bluetooth vs. ant+ randomly, no option during setup to pick any other connection type, strange. So I figure this out after digging into the sensors on the Edge and unpair/repair all the sensors again as Ant+ hoping my connectivity issues would be resolved. Unfortunately, Ant+ doesn't seem to solve the problem, as of my last ride my cadence sensor just wasn't picked up by the Edge.

So with that said, the sensors are extremely underwhelming from a connectivity standpoint. I have reached out to Garmin (with some of the best tech support I've seen in the business), and apparently I have a corrupted file. I do some techy things per instruction and I'll see how this plays out over time, I guess.

The other major issue I have is the ride uploading, post-ride. I get home, I review my ride and hit that 'Upload Ride' button, only to fail EVERY SINGLE TIME. But randomly, my ride get's uploaded after I retry the upload ride 3-5 times usually. I have tried with bluetooth only (using iOS app), Wifi only (no bluetooth), Auto-upload over wifi, Auto-upload on bluetooth only... nothing. Super ridiculous from a software perspective.

I have my Di2 paired to the unit (huge reason I wanted a cycling computer in the 1st place), and that has worked 98% of the time no issue. Sometimes the edge reads out my shift mode (S1, S2, etc) randomly 5-15 minutes after a ride (bugs are great eh).

I think the software is pretty good, however I would love to sync my activity profiles with the Garmin app so I could customize there vs. with fumbly button presses... not hard to do really (Looking at Wahoo).

Overall, I'm not super pleased with this unit... while it does work and gets the job done, the amount of time and sanity (likely safety too on the road trying to figure out why the eff my sensor dropped out or HR is stuck at 65 bpm...) is probably a reason to drive me to a competitor in the future.

Value for money here is the big one, I think in no way this unit is worth

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Reviewed 5/4/2021
by drewkora
Cycling Enthusiast
Patterson, NY
Overall Rating
A proven winner

I cross-shopped the 830 with the new Hammerhead Karoo 2, which is lauded for its super bright, high resolution display. As gorgeous as the K2 screen is, however, I felt it had too many flaws in the everyday functionality to make it worth the investment. The Garmin 830, by comparison, has proven performance that just works. It's smaller, lighter and has an incredibly long last battery. Strava integration is seamless, and you can dial in and customize all of your data screens for different bikes and riding styles.

Many reviewers felt the 830s screen is pixelated and feels dated. While it's no iPhone, I was pleasantly surprised by the sharpness of the screen. It's plenty crisp and clear to read, especially for something I'm only glancing at during a ride. It's bright, too. In full sun I have no problem seeing the display. Virtually no glare. The touch screen is very responsive, even with my gloves on and with some light rain. And the battery is fantastic! I rode a century last weekend. The effort took around 8 hours, and the screen was on the entire time. At the end of the ride, I had more than 50% battery left. Not bad!

Gripes? Well, the menu system is a little confusing. I'm still learning all the functions, many of which are buried in sub-menus or tied to the iPhone apps in hard-to-understand ways. So don't expect to figure it out for the first time during a ride, and don't expect to fiddle with it 15 minutes before a big ride or you'll be frustrated. Be patient with it when you're not rushed and it'll start to make sense.

Overall, I'm very happy with this unit. The bundle is an excellent value. The speed, cadence and heart rate senors sync up flawlessly. And the bundle comes with three mounts (inlcuding the awesome "out front" mount), so I can use this on any of my three bikes. Garmin packed a lot into this featherweight unit.

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Reviewed 5/4/2021
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Overall Rating
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No issues so far

I got these pedals when they were on sale at $xx. I believe Garmin is making these with the updated battery covers that was causing previous issues. The pedals have worked 100% of the time with no issues. The only thing to point out on my side is that the Wahoo Bolt doesn't seem to be able to calibrate them easily. I have never been able to calibrate them thru the Element Bolt. Overall they are great. The Look cleats were no real difference from my Shimano cleats.

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