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Feedback Sports Pro-Ultralight Repair Stand
Reviewed 8/24/2023
by Jesse
Cycling Enthusiast
Los Angeles, Ca
Overall Rating
My last Stand

I have long needed a repair stand for my bicycles. I'm 72 now, and have gone all my life without one.

Until Now.

This stand is so intuitive to use, simple to operate and stable on the ground. It is of solid construction, and allows me now to fully clean the bike and then oil it.

It has easy to use clamps that when loosened allow the trisupports to spread out and hold the bike up. There is no slipping.

The latch on the up pipe works the same, and engaging the seat post allows a solid grip. I am able to get the bike up high enough so the pedals turn freely while moving the chain through the sprockets.

It folds down into a compact 30 inch or so bar.

It is terrific.

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Feedback Sports TT-15B Tool Tray
Reviewed 6/23/2023
by Anonymous
Overall Rating
Great Addition to the Stand with some quirks

This thing is pretty handy. Short of a fully decked workbench with pegboard or a foam insert toolbox of course, this gets you started with some basic organization options. Especially handy if it�s used in a semi permanent state. I will still fold up the legs partially in order to bring the stand in and out of my garage when it�s nice out, and this tray doesn�t impede that.

My biggest gripe with this tray, and it�s pretty significant, is the weird U hook that it uses to wedge on to the main stanchion. in order to put the tray in a usable position, this hook protrudes ride into where your pedals want to go. It�s hard to avoid hitting it when turning the cranks if you have any sort of wider platform pedals (road and narrower xc pedals less of an issue) even if you move the bike up or down (as you know the cranks span roughly a 340mm distance +/- the length of the pedal body). It gets really really annoying and I wish they would resolve the issue with a new piece.

The only other gripe I have is that the somewhat diminutive size is more suited to just a handful of tools, and quick jobs. Mine quickly gets overwhelmed with rags tools and random bits from the bike, but that says more about my organizational style or lack thereof.

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Feedback Sports Scorpion 2 Piece Floor Stand
Reviewed 5/5/2023
by KevinS
Cycling Enthusiast
Roanoke, VA
Overall Rating
Love the functionality and color of this rack

This rack is very compact and convenient if you have Hollow cranks. I have both the red and the black versions, and the black is my favorite. I did have difficulty starting the hex head screw that holds the two sections together. Be sure to test the screw using fingers only in the threads before assembling, and put some oil on the threads, Be careful to avoid cross-threading. The only other negative is that the screw on my older red rack gets loose. It is easy to tighten periodically, and I might just put some blue Loctite on the screw. I haven't had the black rack long enough to know if it also happens there. I love this rack for its functionality, compactness, and ease of use. Not only does it work for storage, but also for minor maintenance when I don't feel like pulling out the large tripod service stand.

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Feedback Sports Velo Wall Rack 2D
Reviewed 3/12/2023
by Anonymous
Casual Cyclist
Phoenix, AZ
Overall Rating
Rubber will break, expensive to replace.

This product did the job, and didn't hurt my bike. Installation was straight forward. But eventually, at least a few years after installation, and with moderate use holding a carbon fiber frame, the rubber on the cradles for the cross bar has cracked. Now the bike is less stable in its hanging position. I guess that happens to rubber, especially in a dry and hot area like Phoenix. So, I was happy that Feedback offers a replacement cradle, It isn't too unreasonable at $5 each, but after shipping and taxes it is over $18 for one. Seems like there's not much consideration for the customer in the shipping fees. There are lots of ways something that small and light could be shipped for much less, e.g. a padded envelope and USPS rather than FedEx. I think I'll get a different bike rack as I would expect the rubber to again crack, and I'm already well on my way to paying for something with more durability if I get replacements every 5 yrs or so.

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