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Quarq TyreWiz Air Pressure Sensor for Presta Valve

QuarqTyreWiz Air Pressure Sensor for Presta Valve(Return to Product Page)

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Review by Gyre

Reviewed 8/9/2021
by Gyre
Cycling Enthusiast
Pasadena, CA
Value Rating
Overall Rating
Geeky, Educational, and Useful

Tyrewiz is one of those things that seems really super geeky, unnecessary, and overpriced, but it turns out to be a lot more practical than I expected.

First, while you can use your phone, I strongly recommend using these with a Garmin cyclecomputer that supports the Tyrewiz ConnectIQ app, then configure your display so you can have your tire pressures displayed in real time. I don't think these are half as useful without the cyclecomputer display field, so definitely figure out if your cyclecomputer is up to it.

Installation is a little counterintuitive due to spoke interference on 32 spoke wheels. Save yourself a bit of grief and watch a couple installation videos before attempting an install. It's not hard, but you do need to do things a certain way.

You'll get tire pressures for your front and rear tire with updates about once every few seconds. You can set a target pressure and a tolerance. The display field will highlight the tire pressure number for either tire drifting out of tolerance, so you'll know quickly if something is amiss.


- I'm able to keep my riding pressure much more consistent and (obviously) detect slow leaks.

- It's easier to learn subtle relationships between tire pressure and performance.

- You can monitor how much your tire pressure changes as you ride in the hot sun and climb or descend. I've seen my Minions climb by as much as 3psi, which was pretty stunning.


- Pricey

- The Connect IQ app is pretty opaque about how it works. You can switch bikes at any time without hassle, but I'm not certain what would happen if another user with Tyrewiz is within range. Could someone else's tire pressure obfuscate yours in the display field? Maybe, maybe not.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by MW

Reviewed 4/13/2023
by MW
Overall Rating
Handy with a side of confidence

I'm a huge fan of TyreWiz devices, so much so that I bought another set for my second bike. They're so easy to use with a head unit, and they keep me feeling safe since I always have an eye on air pressure.

Inflating tires is also a breeze since they blink green when they're within the psi/bar range you set.

Well worth the money in my opinion for peace of mind

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by SWF Rider

Reviewed 6/20/2022
by SWF Rider
Cycling Enthusiast
SW Florida
Value Rating
Overall Rating
Know your pressure points

Great addition to my bicycle wheels! I use the tyrewiz to dial in optimal personalized pressure settings for my tubeless and clincher tires.

As it heats up in my long hot summer rides, I can see/adjust the tire pressure to keep the comfort levels consistent all ride long. For me that is a God send! I have even toyed with setting the starting pressure for the comfort level to be optimal 3 hours in. Risky, but very rewarding when it's done right.

I love the product.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by Alan

Reviewed 10/27/2020
by Alan
Cycling Enthusiast
Value Rating
Overall Rating
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.
Wish they were cheaper. Convenient and provide peace of mind

I bought these for a road tandem after having a flat tire just before a long fast descent and hearing of another tandem that crashed with serious injuries when they made a turn on a soft front tire. Being able to detect a flat early seems like a good idea.

These were easy to set up and pair with both my phone and Garmin. After setting the max and min pressure for each unit I can quickly spin the wheel before a ride to check if the tire is still above my minimum... green light is go, red light means get the pump out. They occasionally lose connection to the Garmin for a few seconds but have always come back.

The data field for the Garmin turns into inverse text (black background) when the pressure is out of range, so if a tire is losing air during a ride it will be easy to see on the screen. Having these has shown me that the tire pressure goes up several PSI when riding and that I really don't lose any pressure when removing the pump from the valve..

If they could get these things down to $50 a pair I'd have them on all my bikes. At $200 I can't see adding them to all the bikes in my rather large collection.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by Anonymous

Reviewed 11/29/2021
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Salt Lake City, UT
Value Rating
Overall Rating
Interesting data to have at your fingertips

I have it on my road bike and my gravel bike, it's interesting to see the variance in pressure when I climb a canyon (Especially if I cross into a little snow and they get REALLY cold). The pressure varies quite a bit!

I think it will also be useful as an early warning on slow leaks, when you see a 10 to 20% drop with no temperature change, you know something is up.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by cairojoe1

Reviewed 8/9/2021
by cairojoe1
Cycling Enthusiast
Sierra Vista, AZ
Value Rating
Overall Rating
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.
outstanding piece of mind at a glance

OMG. Bought a pair for my racing tandem. Can see front and rear tire pressure on my WAHOO while riding. No more guessing about tire pressure. Easy to use, easy to install, cool factor rates a "10".

Like it so much, purchased a second set for my primary road bike too. Again, way cool.

Thank you for your feedback.

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