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Reviewed 9/21/2020
by truckincyclist
Cycling Enthusiast
Overall Rating
Great Shoes

I've had good experiences with Mavic shoes, particularly with the shape and fit of their soles. So I naturally went with these. I chose the black ones. Their finish is spot on. Comfort is great, but I had to do some insole experimentation as hot foot was a major problem until I cut the insoles to allow room for the balls of my feet. They fit snug around the knuckles. I think this is normal break-in process. They look great. Plenty stiff and supportive. Happy with them.

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Reviewed 9/14/2020
by DC rider
Cycling Enthusiast
Washington DC
Overall Rating
Best thing since slice bread or�............... divorce waiting to happen

If you don�t want to read this long review, do yourself a favor before you buy these wheels, go to LBS and ask them to let you try to install and remove the tire that came with this wheel yourself.

I am a rare reviewer of anything. So when I post a review, it�s really something out of the ordinary. These wheels are exactly as you imagine, the pictures represent them very well as I bought them without ever seeing/touching them in person. I have heard of horror stories with tubeless tire setup so when I saw the Mavic UST instructional on how to install, I decided this was the brand to go with. As with all things, there are good and bad.

Let�s start with the good. They look great, right out of the box, the tires were already mounted and after a little inspection, I inflated them up with a standard floor pump. It held air immediately and after bringing up the pressure, you could hear the �Klac� as the tire bead seated in the rim (just like the Instructional video). I then release the pressure, added the provided sealant, re-pump, �Klac� sound again. No issues, minimum effort. Same with the rear wheel, no issue. So easy. Next day, re-check air pressure headed out for a ride. So comfy, sounds and feel so good. Rim brakes on Carbon takes a little getting used to especially the sound but after a while I thought this is the best thing since slice bread. A few more rides in, still love it. Telling my friends this is the only way to go, Mavic, tubeless, Carbon. Went to Hains Point in DC, had a great Labor Day ride and then on the way back, punctured the rear tire and didn�t even realized it till I got home. Took me minute to realize what it was, sealant was all over the back of the bike. Amazing! I didn�t even know there was a decent puncture but the system did exactly as advertise and re-sealed itself without me ever knowing.

Now the bad and possible divorce.

Since I was so happy to get home without incident, I thought I would just take the tire off and either patch it or buy new tire if the hole was too big. Deflated the tire, pull up instructional YouTube video for removal and began the nightmare. I had always imagine taking the tire off the rim would be a little difficult, I didn�t realize the difficulty was in getting the tire unseated from the rim. I�m not Hercules, but I have changed 100s of tires from all sort of wheels (never carbon). For some reason I CANNOT get the bead of the tire to unseat from the wheel! Tried all sorts of tricks/hacks on you tube, nothing. Hours of thumb pain, skipped dinner, wife went to bed alone ����. finally threw caution out and grabbed the tire with a pipe wrench and pulled it towards me while pushing the wheel away. The tire finally �Klac�, and one bead unseated, had to use same method for other bead as I couldn�t pry it out with a tire lever. After this, I put a non-tubeless tire (Continental grand prix 4000 II) and tube in, took maybe a minute. Pumped it up, same �klac� sound to indicate bead seated. Decided to take it off to make sure I can, without any levers, no problem. I have done this a couple times now after riding, removing tire and re-installing.

I can�t afford to me 50 miles out and not be able to fix my flats, so I�m not sure what to do with the front tire, it is still original tubeless install. I�m afraid to touch it. After spending $1,700 on the wheels, my wife would surely divorce me if I called for a ride home.

I didn�t anticipate that it would be as easy as the marketing videos suggested, but surely in the comfort of my own home and I cannot take a simple tire off����

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Reviewed 9/12/2020
by Anonymous
Overall Rating
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nice looking

The Mavic road shoe is very nice looking but the size runs small. I ordered a 12.5 US and it fits like an 11 US. Very short shoe.

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Reviewed 9/11/2020
by mechfishy
Cycling Enthusiast
Vancouver, WA.
Overall Rating
Mavic Men's Cosmic Boa Road Shoe Review

Very nice shoe for the BTD price. Suggested retail price is a bit on the steep side. I like the shoe in every way except for the slightly too tight fit on my left foot. Apparently my left foot is slightly wider than my right foot. It most likely wouldn't bother me if I didn't have sciatica. I think a little more padding in a slightly wider shoe would help tremendously. I have only used them twice. Once on a 58 mile ride and on a 37 mile ride. I had to stop for a bit at about 49 miles on the 58 mile ride because my left foot became quite uncomfortable. The 37 mile ride was not bad. I like to go for 75 mile + rides on occasion, so these won't work on those rides for me. Right shoe has been no problem for me yet. Will look for something a little more comfortable for the longer rides.

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