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Challenge Strada Bianca Race TLR Tire
Reviewed 9/19/2023
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Overall Rating
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Tough One to Rate.. Phenomenal Performance, but Very Fragile and Undependable

I have purchased and ridden two sets of the 36s.

Took a long time to get these tires to seal on Campagnolo Shamal wheels. Kept bleeding through sidewall and losing 10psi an hour. Was using Silca sealant system @ 45-50psi.

After I finally fed it enough sealant to hold pressure, these tires were an incredible ride on pavement and buff gravel. They disappear beneath you.

BUT.. They accumulate cuts like no other and fresh tires would puncture after 200ish miles for me.

Makes for a really unconfident tire choice. I was constantly worried about being too hard on the tires when choosing lines or when planning more remote routes.

I would avoid if you are anything but the most serious and risk tolerant competitive racer.

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Challenge Criterium RS TLR Tire
Reviewed 7/22/2023
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Overall Rating
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Your favorite tire to mount, but faster

If you had trouble mounting Challenge Strada TLRs, just wait until you try these! Ok so these are absolutely horrible to mount just like the Stradas but I have come to expect this. I have my technique down and after that initial mount, they stretch out a bit and are really easy to remount in my experience in case of flat or just swapping tires

I have now put around 4k miles on these things and have to say, the ride quality is definitely improved vs. the Stradas and they are quite durable for how supple and fast they feel. I took them on gravel roads and all sorts of pavement conditions without any issues. Main tread has a very durable and long lasting center strip. The sidewalls are not durable obviously but that is why these things feel so damn good. I

Price is a bit high imo but I am sure these will come down on sale eventually. I would definitely buy again but have so many tires to run.

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Challenge Gravel Grinder PRO TLR Tire
Reviewed 5/22/2023
by Mike
Cycling Enthusiast
Boston, MA
Overall Rating
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Awesome tire if you can get them on..

I wanted a tough tire that rolls fast, and has some grip for a few gravel races. Like the other review mentioned, these tires are not easy to get on the wheel. Because they are hand made, they are virtually flat when they arrive. I mean they are a ribbon of rubber with no shape. So you need to get one side on the rim, and it will start to take shape, then you will fight to get the other side on. There is no point in buying these tires unless you plan to go tubeless. Any attempt to change a tube, or add a tube on the side of the road would be fruitless. Thankfully, these are tough tires, and not likely to need any help one mounted and sealed. They were surprisingly easy to inflate and seat once they were on the wheel. I did lose air overnight initially, but then over inflated them again, and shock out the sealant, and they were just fine. These are fast rolling, tough and grippy. I love these tires, but do not plan to mount them without a friend on hand.

And they look awesome too.

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Challenge Getaway PRO TLR Gravel Tire
Reviewed 5/8/2023
by Phil14
Overall Rating
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.
Awesome Tire

Super fast, lots of grip and they look amazing. I've absolutely hammered these tires and haven't had any issues or punctures. I've ran them on chunky gravel, river rock, sand, mtb single track, rain and snow and they performed better than any previous tire I've had. Set up tubeless on a set of 25mm internal width wheels the 40mm measures 40.7mm.

Don't listen to the people that say they are hard to mount. Make sure the bead is centered in the rim channel, use a tire lever and you won't have any issues.

My next set will be in the 45mm, a little extra cushion never hurt and these roll quicker than I initially expected.

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