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Silca Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax
Reviewed 2/16/2024
by Mar-T
Competitive Racer
Overall Rating
Cleaner drivetrain, but still getting used to the new process

I don�t get chainring grease tattoos any more, but the waxing process requires a little more work. I rotate my chains every couple of weeks (sometimes sooner). You have to get yourself setup with an ultrasonic cleaner, and a way to relax your chain frequently. I use a small crockpot. Once you have the equipment and process dialed, it�s not too bad.

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Silca Ultimate Chain Stripper + Wax Prep 16oz
Reviewed 2/2/2024
by Glen
Concord Twp OH
Overall Rating

Utilized for first time on two chains, one brand new and one lightly used (without stripping mfg grease and/or applying lube). Worked well, does seem to leave a �primer� coating prior to hot wax as touted. Discarded amount used after second chain but if it was brand new likely could have used it a few more times due to no contaminants. QUICKER/EASIER than ultrasound degrease and alcohol rinse as used and recommend by Silca prior to this product being available.

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Silca Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax
Reviewed 2/1/2024
by MarinClimber
Cycling Enthusiast
San Francisco
Overall Rating
Great Wax when you decide to take the plunge into Hot Wax Dip Chains

Used this for the 1st time on my road bike after replacing the Cassette and Chain Ring. Started with 2 new SRAM Rival AXS chains and clean them thoroughly as recommended and used a small beauty wax pot. I alternate chains every 150 miles. the shifting is quick, quite, and positive. The drive train feels less resistive. Chain is spotless and stays that way. No grease or stains. I am expecting my drive train to last longer. My previous cassette and chain ring lasted 6000 miles. If you are ready to try hot waxing, I highly recommend this product

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Silca Impero Ultimate II Frame Pump
Reviewed 12/10/2023
by Chan
Cycling Enthusiast
Cincinnati OH
Overall Rating
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Serious pump for hassle free on-the-road inflation

As with all things Silica, this product is the result of uber obsessive detail oriented engineering aiming for perfection in every degree except price :-). I've been cycling for 20+ years now and have progressed through every imaginable approach to reducing the annoyance factor of a flat on a ride. Switching to tubeless was the biggest improvement, and for everything beyond that, I enthusiastically recommend this pump.

Yes CO2 is smaller, lighter, cheaper. It's also one and done, meaning you've either got to be very good at finding/repairing the puncture and the inflation process, or you're carrying multiple spares.

Tiny frame pumps are also lighter, cheaper, more reliable than CO2 but we cyclists tend to have awesome quads but tiny T Rex arms and don't want to spend 15 minutes trying to inflate a tire at 0.001 PSI per stroke, especially when once you get above 60-70 PSI you often have to put your entire body weight into those strokes.

This pump uses an adjustable spring tension system with protective rubber ends to securely fit in the frame without damaging. Removing for use is < 2 seconds. Connecting to valve works perfectly, first time, every time. It pushes huge air volume with low effort. Putting back in frame is < 2 seconds. Try this ONCE compared to your current process and you'll never go back. It's why I have now equipped all my bikes with one of these and retired donated all my mini pumps, though I did wait for sale pricing before snapping up multiples.

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