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Schwalbe Aerothan 27.5 Inch MTB Tube

SchwalbeAerothan 27.5 Inch MTB Tube(Return to Product Page)

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Review by SUBcyclist

Reviewed 3/26/2023
by SUBcyclist
Daily Commuter
NoCar! North Carolina, US
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Excellent lightweight tubes

I use these tubes in both of my bikes, as I decided to not run a tubeless tire setup. For my MTB, I will be changing the tires somewhat frequently to match where I am riding (Schwalbe Johnny Watts, Eddy Current, and Nobby Nic); the mess of dealing with a sealant for these changes is something I want to avoid. Paired with these tubes are Tannus Armour flat protection inserts, along with heavy casing tires. If I do experience a puncture, I can quickly patch and go, typically while leaving the wheel on my bike. For others, I definitely see the advantage of running a tubeless setup, which I did consider for myself. In the end, I prefer to have these tubes, Tannus, and tire combination.

For my SUB (Sport Utility Bike), I also use these tubes along with Tannus Armour inserts, and Schwalbe Pickup tires - tough, with great flat protection. I commute everywhere I need to go on this bike (sold my car last year), and I do not plan to change these tire often, as I do on my MTB. I simply like the idea of being able to patch a flat, in the remote case that happens, without cleaning up the mess of tubeless sealant. In the colder winter temperatures of North Carolina (US), this seams to be the better of the two setups for me. My fingers will still become quite cold when patching a flat, but they will not be cold [and wet] from tubeless sealant.

I have had a slow leak in my rear tube on my SUB, which I have not taken the time to patch yet - going on two months. This tube material does not tear/rip open like butyl rubber tubes do. I just anticipate that I will have a challenging time finding the hole, even using soapy water to hunt for bubbles from the air escaping through the hole. The valve could be the culprit, as I have had one defective tube with a bad valve - it had a bad valve movement - ;) . Because these tubes are relatively expensive, I would prefer to not just pull and replace it, but I will if needed. My experience with that one defective valve, and the price, are the only two negative aspects of using these tubes that I have experienced.

The weight is great! When I commute, I have a tool kit bag that I carry in a pannier; I have one of these tubes in it for myself, but patches and other items to help others if I see someone stranded. There are so many tire types and sizes on the bikes I see people on out on the road, that I could not carry enough tubes to help people. On my MTB, though, I carry one of these tubes in my size (smaller diameter of a 27.5" for the Tannus insert), and also one of these in a 29" size to have ready for someone else; that is the more popular size now from what I have seen. The weight penalty is so negligible, the benefit of being able to help someone else far 'outweighs' that.

Another characteristic that I like about these tubes is that they are better suited to recycling than rubber tubes. I have not found a company nearby where I can take these to be recycled, and Schwalbe does not provide specifics for this, but I will hold on to any used Aerothan tubes until the recycling pathways are established.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by Anonymous

Reviewed 5/31/2021
by Anonymous
Overall Rating
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Looks Nice

I haven't had to use this tube yet as it is a spare for my tubeless wheel but it looks nice and I am hopeful it will be a lightweight option that works well when needed.

Thank you for your feedback.

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