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Ravemen PR1600 Front Light

RavemenPR1600 Front Light(Return to Product Page)

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Review by Alan

Reviewed 2/23/2021
by Alan
Cycling Enthusiast
Value Rating
Overall Rating
6 of 7 customers found this review helpful.
Bright with decent battery life

I've been doing a lot of rides in the evening this winter, finishing after sunset and sometimes after it is completely dark. I was using my Cycliq Fly 12CE camera/light as my headlight but found that it just didn't have enough reach for fast sections of roads or bad conditions like wet blacktop that doesn't reflect much light. The Ravemen PR1600 is a huge improvement for a couple of reasons.

- The focused low beam does a much better job of putting light where it is needed compared to a round beam

- The high beam is great for fast sections of road and descents

- The wireless remote allows easy switching between modes. I have mine mounted just under my brake lever (drop bars) and can hit the buttons with my thumb without moving my hands from the hoods or drops.

Things that would make it better:

- While run time has been more than adequate for my use, a bit more run time would always be nice to have. Since it is so easy to switch light modes I try to manage the battery by only using the amount of light I need at a given time.

- The display showing runtime is hard to read before it is completely dark out due to glare.

- I wish there were an indicator for which light level it active. There are LEDs to indicate whether you have the high beam on or not, but the only indication of what level of high or low beam you are on in the remaining run time. Since that changes as the battery level drops it requires more mental effort to interpret than a simple row of LEDs.

- I wish there were a way to go up or down through the light modes without having to cycle all the way through. For example if I want to go from 200 lumens to 400 lumens on low beam, I either have to press the small button (or remote control equivalent) 4 times... first press -> 100 lumens, second press flashing mode, third press 800 lumens, fourth press 400 lumens... or I can do it in 3 presses: First press the big button twice... the first press activates the high beam (1600 lumens),j the second press deactivates high beam (800 lumens), then press the other button to drop to 400 lumens. It would be really nice to just be able to click 'brighter' one time.

I bought the helmet mount for the light because it is essentially a GoPro style mount with a strap-on helmet bracket. Since I have GoPro mounting points on all my bikes I can use the helmet mount to attach the light to many bikes without having to buy separate handlebar mounts for each one.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by DCBiker

Reviewed 1/25/2021
by DCBiker
Cycling Enthusiast
Alexandria, VA
Value Rating
Overall Rating
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.
fantastic bike light

Over the years I've had quite a few bike lights for commuting on dark trails - LED's, HID, etc. - including some of those expensive ones imported from England, but this Ravemen is hands-down the best I've ever owned and is a pleasure to use. The high-low beam switch, remote control, digital indicator for available lighting time, low weight and compact size are all really excellent. I can't recommend this light highly enough. Also the USB output for charging a phone in an emergency is a real plus, and replaces the need for a separate battery brick tethered to the bike for long rides.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by Mikedo77

Reviewed 6/4/2021
by Mikedo77
Daily Commuter
Vancouver Washington
Value Rating
Overall Rating
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.
Good Light

I commute early mornings and this light is more than adequate. The only con I would have is the daytime flashing mode doesn't seem bright enough. Otherwise, great light.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by Zurichman

Reviewed 4/19/2021
by Zurichman
Competitive Racer
PA and unknown gravel areas
Overall Rating
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.
Incredible New Age Bright USB Chargeable Light

I don't see anything not to like about this light. It's built like a tank. The mount is strong. It's rechargeable and it has a red read out on top that shows you how much charge time that is left in the light. It also has a memory on it that lets say that you are only using the high/medium beams. It remembers that and lights up those 2 settings. I can see me getting a lot of quality use out of this light. Use it mainly for night gravel riding.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by Naoko

Reviewed 1/18/2021
by Naoko
Competitive Racer
Vancouver, BC.
Overall Rating
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.
Does the job for both trails and roads

I bought this light to use on gravel trails with no street lights and road with lights. Ravemen PR1600 does great job. I love the remote to switch back and forth between two modes. especially with a remote. It is not the brightest but I believe it is a good compromise to not blind the oncoming traffic or fellow cyclists. When you ride with drop bar and change to trail mode, a beam pattern is such that it shows the shadow of your handlebar on the side. But this doesn't really effect your riding. The fact you can charge my phone is a plus just in case. The battery life is as stated.

Thank you for your feedback.

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