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Maxxis Rekon Race 29" EXO/TR MTB Tire

MaxxisRekon Race 29" EXO/TR MTB Tire(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Will C

Reviewed 11/16/2022
by Will C
Overall Rating
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.
Come loose in the corners

I definitely acknowledge these tires have some pedigree but they don't suit my riding style.

They are fast, blistering fast. As mentioned by a previous reviewer, they break loose too early/easily in turns. Often it's a surprise and I'm forced to save myself.

I was hoping to use them for dry, hardpack XC races and short track but will stick with the Ikon/Ikon or Reckon/Ikon combo.

I will say that I'm going to use them for my 29er bike packing rig.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by parkrider7

Reviewed 11/16/2020
by parkrider7
Competitive Racer
Park City, UT
Value Rating
Overall Rating
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.
super grippy but fast!

well, basically these tires improve the bike handling and the riders ability. go could that happen you say.......the volume helped my hardtail 29r over the rocky stuff and the super good tread helped in the loose crap in the turns. so i got better !......because of these dang tires! i have beat the crap out of these and they seem to like it. they may be a bit heavier than others out there, but good luck with that weight weeny! save it elsewhere! not on the main part of you bike that actually touches the ground. ......or you will.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by Moby

Reviewed 9/25/2020
by Moby
Competitive Racer
Seattle, WA/Bend, OR
Value Rating
Overall Rating
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful.
Pretty good

I like these OK. I typically run a Rekon 2.4 up front with Ikon 2.35 rear for training and marathon/ultra races. I picked these up in 2.35 as a faster rear option. I didn't notice much of a speed pick up. Maybe a little but nothing definitive even with a power meter. They do, however, break loose much earlier than the Ikons on the l. At least for my riding, the tradeoff isn't worth it - there isn't enough of a speed increase. I think next year I'll stick with Ikons rear for more consistent traction and try Aspens for when I need a faster rear option now that they offer a wide trail version.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by NICACoach

Reviewed 8/19/2020
by NICACoach
Competitive Racer
Value Rating
Overall Rating
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.
Bad Luck with Rekon Race Tires - Multiple Failures

I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same bad luck with Rekon Race tires as me. I've had four flats/failures of Rekon Race tires within the last 4 months, two while XC riding/training, and an unfortunate double flat in a local XC race where I ended up needing to run across the finish line to finish. I've switched back to Ardent Race tires which I'd been running prior to using Rekon Race tires. My experience with the Ardent Race tires is that while they are a bit heavier and have more rolling resistance, they have a fraction of the failures and have been much more durable/less failure prone which, to me, more than compensates for the their comparative slight disadvantage in weight and rolling resistance.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by Doward

Reviewed 12/10/2018
by Doward
Cycling Enthusiast
Orange County
Value Rating
Overall Rating
9 of 10 customers found this review helpful.
I am loving it as an Ikon replacement. RekonRekon Race, frontrear.

I've been toying with the whole Maxxis line of XC tires this year. OEM Ignitor, then Ardent, Ikon, Rekon, Rekon Race.

SoCal hardpack, loose over hard, minimal sandmud.

I really liked the RekonIkon setup, but killed the rear Ikon sidewall on a sharp rock. Rekon Race replaced it and I love it. Even more grip when climbing and braking. Feels similar in cornering.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by MNBiker

Reviewed 1/24/2022
by MNBiker
Cycling Enthusiast
Twin Cities, MN
Value Rating
Overall Rating
Looks great! Handles great for XC/Downcountry Bike

Had the same tire in black, love the look of the tanwall. Changed from icons in the front for a bit wider grippier tire, but one that still had great rolling resistance.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by Big Bo

Reviewed 10/16/2021
by Big Bo
Overall Rating
Great fast tires

More speed. Ideal for fast paced riding.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by one lung

Reviewed 9/28/2021
by one lung
Cycling Enthusiast
Tucson, AZ
Value Rating
Overall Rating
Great rear tire.

Very fast rolling but still provides good braking. I pair it with an Maxxis Ikon or Rekon depending on the bike.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by Jim

Reviewed 9/3/2021
by Jim
Overall Rating
Right Combination of Speed and Protection

This has been a great MTB for me with the proper balance of speed and protection

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by Anonymous

Reviewed 7/1/2021
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Value Rating
Overall Rating
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.
Good grip and fast rolling

This tire has been great so far. Running it on my rear wheel on a hardtail. It gets good grip, but rolls fast. The bead was also pretty easy to set for a tubeless setup.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review by CDNBiker

Reviewed 12/28/2020
by CDNBiker
Cycling Enthusiast
NE Texas
Value Rating
Overall Rating
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.
Great tire

2.25 on the rear. Nice roll, good grip.

Thank you for your feedback.

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