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Reviewed 9/15/2020
by Anonymous
Daily Commuter
Rochester, NY
Overall Rating
Second Buy & Still Happy

The Paselas last a long time, have better than average traction, very good resistance to punctures. The gum sidewall never showed any wear in spite of often being ridden on trails. There are probably faster tires but these are the right tire for me.

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Reviewed 8/28/2020
by cleo
Cycling Enthusiast
New Orleans
Overall Rating
Used in India to great success

I used this on my travel bike as an all-surface tire. I was working in Bangalore for many months prior to COVID and was running some semi-slicks, but the streets often had sand and dust buildups (lots of construction) and many of my out-of-town rides had me on mixed to gravel to sand trails & roads. These tires rolled fast enough, great traction, and I was able to set them up tubeless in the hotel room and held air for days before requiring a quick top-off. Great tire!

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Reviewed 8/12/2020
by Luke
SF Bay Area
Overall Rating
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Fast rolling supple tires

I purchased these tires to be more road biased but still climb the gravel/fire roads here in the Bay Area. The suppleness of the tire works well with my Topstone's kingpin suspension to add another layer of comfort. The 38mm X 700c tires actually are about 40mm wide on 25mm ID rims (they are marked 40x622). The 120 tpi casing is noticeably supple and was a little bit of a challenge to get on the wheels (HED Eroicas) with a single tire lever (crank brother's awesome one) but that also meant that a regular floor pump was able to set the bead on the rim. After three months, the bead has stretched and removing from the wheel is very easy.

Performance wise, The + casing has allowed me to forge rock strewn stream beds as well as bomb smooth tarmac hills cornering hard. The file tread and supple casing means that lowering the tire pressures allow me to climb gravelly fire roads and trails up to about 14-16 degrees of incline ( any steeper, and I have to get out of the saddle and then the tire slips and its game over). On the road, I can keep up with most group riders but I'm sure that the width and my gearing (46/30 & 11-34) start to be a factor. The extra wide tread does feel more confident at high speed cornering.

Wear is okay- at 1500 miles, the rears have worn the file tread off the center 10 mm wide section and has flattened. The fronts are barely showing wear. however, I did get a 2 mm cut on the rear tire near where the tread is worn. I was fortunate and didn't even know until this morning when I discovered that I had almost no air in the tire. It would hold air at 25 psi- unloaded. I believe that the wear is about where the protection starts to become an issue. I've already ordered another rear and am pretty sure I'll get near 3-4000 miles off the fronts.

If this was my only wheelset, I might consider the Gravelking SS next time. However, if you have another set for off road duties like me, I feel that the Gravelking slicks are a good all around tire. I am considering 35mm when the fronts wear, but am not willing to trade the offroad capabilities that 40mm allows because some of the fire road climbs do take 10-20 miles of road riding to get to. Having a very competent road tire that can cover some offroad in a pinch is the best compromise for me and allows me to run a more aggressive gravel tire on my other wheelset for the closer rowdy rides in my local regional park.

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Reviewed 7/16/2020
by Buddy P
Cycling Enthusiast
N W Montana
Overall Rating
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Sidewalls leak like a screen door.

I bought these to use on my cross bike.I wanted a tubeless road/trail tire to soften the ride on local trails.I have mounted many mountain bike tires tubeless without trouble.The GK's side walls leak like crazy even after adding 4.5 oz of Stans sealant and 50 miles of riding.Out of desperation I coated the insides of both tires with flexible contact cement.and 3 oz of sealant.No change.I put tubes back in.They are fine rolling tires and are reasonably fast, loads of grip.I gave tubeless 1 more try and added a much thicker layer of contact cement, 2 oz of Stan's Race sealant to 1 tire.Most of the leaks stopped.The few stubborn leaks were sealed with Gorilla glue. I have ordered some Orange Seal Endurance for the rear tire and have removed the contact cement. Am hopeful! I had previously purchased Vittoria Zero tires and they were just as bad. 4 leaky tubeless tires in a row. Stan's regular sealant was the constant factor.The Orange Seal has better reviews,so maybe this time? Great Customer service by Ron of BTD.

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